Eagle Nearly Flys Off With Boy During Wildlife Show

Eagle Nearly Flys Off With Boy During Wildlife Show


Eagle Nearly Flys Off With Boy During Wildlife Show


When I think of wildlife shows, my mind immediately goes to being bored to death on a first grade field trip to a nearby state park. Once there, a moustached park ranger would expound on the virtues of wildlife conservation while my first grade self proceeded to pick his nose. That said, my lack of attention never pissed off any violent birds of prey.

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According to The Guardian, that’s exactly what happened after one disinterested boy felt the wrath of Australia’s largest eagle while attending a Birds of Prey wildlife show at Alice Springs Desert Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. Reports indicate that the wedge-tailed eagle veered off its predetermined course after a boy continued to zip and unzip his hoody, a noise that seems to have irritated the raptor. Ultimately, the eagle dug its talons into the boy’s head and attempted to fly off with the child. The entire ordeal was captured via a well-timed photograph by Christie O’Connell, who later posted the image to Instagram.

Shortly after the incident, the show was promptly ended. The boy is reported to have suffered superficial wounds including a gash on his face, which were later treated by first aid staffers.

On the park’s website, guests are urged to“Marvel at the energy and spirit of free flying birds.” So far the eagle in question has been removed from the wildlife show and an investigation is ongoing as to what caused the incident. The wedge-tailed eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey and is known to feed on lambs.

Find the entire Guardian article here: Eagle attacks boy at birds of prey show in Alice Springs

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