The 'oh shit' moment | Photo Credit: Ben Masters

The Grand Teton | Photo Credit:

The Grand Teton | Photo Credit: Mark Goebel | Cover Photo: Ben Masters

Normally wedding rings are lost by the best man after taking way to many “it’s been too long” whiskey shots the night before the wedding day. Yet one groom to be couldn’t even get the engagement part right after putting forward an immense effort to make one grand proposal.

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In an article for NatGeo, conservationist and filmmaker Ben Masters recounted his very first trip up the Grand Teton with his wife Katie along with Richie Jones and Ashley Allen. After training together during the week leading up to the climb, the two couples arrived at the top of the 13,776′ peak for the first time.

But little did Ashley know, Richie was about to propose.

Ben Masters, who was in on the deed, was setting up a photograph for the moment when something went wrong. As Richie got on one knee, he opened the box holding the ring only to find it empty. A seriously awkward moment ensued, which was followed by an equally awkward search for the ring atop the summit of the Grand. After searching unsuccessfully for a few minutes, an Exum guide finally asked, “Well, what’s the answer?”

Thankfully, it was a yes– an elated YES!

“We have gracefully accepted the ring’s fate as a permanent fixture in the rocks at the top of the majestic Grand, with a reminder always to place spiritual matters above material.”Ashley Allen

In the meantime, Masters is offering a $500 reward for anyone who finds the ring and returns it to him or Richie because as Masters puts it, “even if you get to the top and don’t find it, the worse thing that can happen is that you climb the Grand Teton.”

The 'oh shit' moment | Photo Credit: Ben Masters
The ‘oh shit’ moment | Photo Credit: Ben Masters
Find the entire NatGeo article here: A Mountaintop Proposal Doesn’t Go as Planned

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