Canadian Moose Rider Is Now Facing Legal Troubles

Canadian Moose Rider Is Now Facing Legal Troubles


Canadian Moose Rider Is Now Facing Legal Troubles


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Turns out that riding wild moose across a lake while drunk can get you in a lot of trouble.

Original Video: Drunk Canadian Rides A Moose

After a Canadian man did exactly that in a YouTube video gone viral last year, two Canadians are now facing a series of charges that include harassing wildlife, attempting to capture wildlife and hunting big game while the animal is swimming reports CBC News.

“The COS identified the lake in the video as, Tuchodi Lakes near the town of Fort Nelson, BC. As a result of the year-long COS investigation, a Report to Crown Counsel was submitted recommending charges against 2 males from Fort St. John.”Conservation Officer Service

Charges Filed

  • S 27(3) harass wildlife with the use of a boat
  • S 29 attempt to capture wildlife
  • S 30 hunt big game that is swimming.

The charges followed an uproar of social media outrage following the video’s release and a first appearance date is set for August 08, 2016 at 14:00 in Fort Nelson Provincial Court. The two charges in the incident have yet to be identified.

Find the entire CBC News article here: ‘Moose rider’ caught on YouTube video charged

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