Lindsey Vonn Is Looking For A Boyfriend...

Lindsey Vonn Is Looking For A Boyfriend...

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Lindsey Vonn Is Looking For A Boyfriend...


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While ski bums are busy swiping right all summer long, Lindsey Vonn is sitting home alone, watching Netflix, and doing naked pullups. And it’s not like she likes the solitary lifestyle. In fact, Vonn just opened up to CNN saying, “Most of the time the normal guys are too intimidated and the guys that have enough confidence, have too much confidence. It’s really hard, I haven’t navigated my way very well.” Read into that what you will but to me it says one thing– WAKE UP SKI BUMS!

Further on in the article, Vonn goes on to tell CNN that she wants to be a mom but is currently finding it difficult to find the right guy. What does that means to us? Destiny awaits one lucky dude in the form of the best female ski racer in history. All she wants is less ego, flexibility, a penchant for dogs, and just a little bit of confidence in the presence of her unwieldy greatness.

That’s not too much to ask is it?

“I want someone that is self-confident, but doesn’t have a huge ego. Someone who supports everything I do and doesn’t hold me back. Someone who encourages me to do what I want to do and what’s good for me and my skiing and my life.” – Lindsey Vonn (*Quote Courtesy of CNN)

Bottomline, Vonn is ready for someone new. However that someone new isn’t just any ol’ Tiger Woods– it might be you.

“So you’re saying there’s a chance”Lloyd Christmas

Find the entire CNN article here: Lindsey Vonn wants a family, but can’t get a date

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