Photo Credit: Kirsten Henriscksen | Cover Photo: Anna Haslack
Mike Hall At The Finish Line | Photo Credit: Anna Haslock 

Actually it was 13 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes.

That’s how long it took British cyclist, Mike Hall to complete the epic Tour Divide mountain bike race. In total, the race traces the 2,745-mile long Continental Divide starting in Banff, Canada and ending at the US/Mexico border. The race itself is mostly self supported with bikers hauling their own food and gear.

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Hall, who is the antithesis of the social media driven athletes of today, left his phone and disregarded any SPOT GPS tracking during the race. Traveling with no knowledge of his competition, he simply focused solely on his own biking.

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This beer drinking Brit is faster than you.

In an interview with Gear Junkie, Hall reflected on his isolation technique saying, “I’ve not been connected [to the world], am feeling a bit strange not knowing what is going on.” However, the move seems to have worked as he broke the previous course record by a whopping 14 hours!

Mike Hall rode a Pivot LES hardtail 29er with Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain and components. Extra wide carbon wheels were provided by Reynolds Enduro.

Mike Hall: Kirsten Henriscksen
The setup that got him there | Photo Credit: Kirsten Henriscksen

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