Glacier National Park
Photo Credit: Jesse Allen—NASA Earth Observatory

A new report from NASA states that by the year 2030 Glacier National Park will be free of any and all glaciers.

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And while our limited annual perspectives normally softens that blow, a new GIF generated by NASA is showing just how fast and disturbing the glacier retreat in GNP really is. To put the massive retreat in perspective, glacial coverage in the park has decreased from 8.3 square miles in 1850 to 2.9 square kilometers in 1979.

“These glaciers will be more or less gone in the next several decades.” – Daniel Fagre, Research Ecologist USGS

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In 1919, the Blackfoot and Jackson glacier were connected | Photo Credit: USGS

The images also beg the question, should we change the name of Glacier National Park when there are no glaciers left?

12829029_10153557305164912_7573496587536568389_oPhoto courtesy / Ali White

Find the entire NASA article here: Glacier National Park

*GIF courtesy of NASA