You Can Own This Private Surf Resort For Just $49

You Can Own This Private Surf Resort For Just $49


You Can Own This Private Surf Resort For Just $49


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You could own surf like this…

Tired of the mountain town lifestyle and looking to move to the beach permanently? Well with $49 bucks and a lot of luck, you can finally ditch your frigid ski town and instead live on a tropical island with sick surf.

And it doesn’t stop there.

A fully turn-key resort business is all part of the deal. As I write this, the owners of Kosrae Nautilus Resort are putting their world-class surf resort in the western Pacific Ocean up for raffle. Single tickets are currently listed at $49 and although we have no idea as to how many people are entering to win, it seems like a good use of $50 bucks.

Resort Amenities

  • 16 air-conditioned rooms
  • 16 full time employees
  • Swimming pool
  • Private Beach
  • 2 dive boats
  • 4 bedroom, 2 bath manager’s residence
  •  2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
  • 8 rental cars
  • 2 passenger vans
  • 1 pickup truck
  • Restaurant stocked with $5k in food
  • $10,000 in the business’ checking account!
  • Solar Power System

And while you might be thinking, “this is too good to be true,” the owners think otherwise. So far, their business model is looking to sell nearly 50,000 tickets and if that goal is not reached, the prize money will be split 50-50 between the winner and the corporation. So either way, the winner is going to get beached– in the best possible way.

Buy a raffle ticket here: Win The Island Estates

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Kosrae Nautilus Resort Story

Twenty-four years ago, Doug & Sally were in their late twenties, stuck in the corporate rat race with no end in sight. A government employee, Doug felt trapped and bored with the daily grind, and haunted by a little voice inside that kept insisting, “Surely this isn’t all there is to life. Surely there has to be more.”

“I definitely felt as if life had different plans for me and Sally,” says Doug. “I think we all have opportunities presented to us regularly, but you need to open your eyes to see them.”

After watching a documentary on Micronesia in 1991, Doug and Sally became fascinated with the untouched, idyllic paradise. It seemed like the perfect antidote to the mind-numbing monotony of 9-to-5 life: sparkling white sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs bursting with life, endless options for outdoor adventure – from diving to snorkeling, boating, and surfing – and, best of all, the relaxed pace of island life.

Doug says, “A few weeks later I randomly picked up a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room and saw an article about the business opportunities in Micronesia. It seemed like it was meant to be.

“Sally and I talked about moving there for the rest of the day, and I literally couldn’t sleep that night. The next day, I contacted the magazine, they gave me the phone number of the person who wrote the article, and I was at his house three days later. The momentum just snowballed from there!”

With no experience in the tourism or hospitality industries and three young children, Doug and Sally knew they were taking a risk – leaving secure jobs and their family and friends. But Doug says, “I was petrified of following the well-trodden path, getting to 60 and always wondering, ‘What if?’

“We figured that, if it all failed, we were young enough to start over again. On the flip side, the prospect of getting to retirement and wishing we could turn back time – feeling the bitter sting of that regret – just frightened us so much we knew we had to take a chance.” So Doug and Sally packed up the family and moved to their new tropical island home.

The change in pace of lifestyle was the first thing they noticed, along with how well the kids flourished in the natural paradise that is Micronesia. “Life feels like a perpetual holiday when you live on an island,” says Doug.

There were a few differences that were a little harder to get used to, though. “Over twenty years ago, the food supply was a bit limited here. Back then, the things we take for granted now, like cappuccinos, tomatoes, and avocados, could be hard to come by.”

Surprisingly, their social life also blossomed. “Back then there was no Internet or TV, so we would have a potluck three nights a week. We got to know the people here better in six months than you would in ten years in a typical Australian suburban cul-de-sac. Some of our best friendships have been made during our time here.”

Doug and Sally’s children eventually grew up and moved away, so over the last twenty plus years they’ve returned to the mainland for weddings and the arrival of new family members. Doug says the difference in lifestyle is marked.

“We just notice how busy everyone is. You have to make appointments to see your close family and friends! That doesn’t happen here. You’ve got time and space to focus on the really important things in life. We’re so glad the kids had an opportunity to grow up away from some of the distractions of city life.”

Now the time has come for Doug and Sally to return to Australia, prompted by a very special delivery three years ago. “We have four boys, and three years ago one of them gave us a beautiful granddaughter. She lived here for a year and we got to enjoy her every day. Then, when she left, we were just heartbroken. Sally particularly feels the tug on her heartstrings to be closer to our little angel and any other grandchildren that come along.

“We’ve had our time in the sun and enjoyed a career most people would never even dare dream about, but our current goal now is to become professional grandparents. We feel like a new chapter in our lives is beginning, and we’re ready to pass the baton to someone else,” Doug says.

As for his advice to the lucky winner of the Win The Island Estates draw, Doug is very matter-of-fact. “Your life is about to change in a very special way!”

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