Wingsuiter Brendan Weinstein didn’t realize he had an avian shadow until he uploaded the footage from his rear mounted GoPro and reviewed his flights.

“Was reviewing footage from the weekend and on back cam I see another wingsuit distantly following — I’m thinking “how the hell was there another wingsuiter on exit and they snuck up behind and magically exited right after me.” After I exit a mini rock valley, the wingsuiter dives down and pulls up right on top of me, and then I see that it’s not a wingsuit, it’s a bird that followed me all the way from exit through my line to above the LZ. Eerily this was from the ‘fly free’ exit.”

Peregrine Falcon Facts:

Scientific NameFalco peregrinus
Speed: 240 mph (Maximum, Adult)
 Historic Name in North America: Duck Hawk
Wingspan: 2.4 – 3.9 ft. (Adult)
Mass: Female: 1.1 – 3.3 lbs (Adult), Male: 0.73 – 2.2 lbs (Adult)
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