10557047_10153851553799772_8429550973658320279_oImages from Sugar Bowl Resort

While Tahoe was a literal desert for four years prior to this past season, El Niño delighted local skiers and riders after the child delivered an average snowfall year for the Tahoe region.

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However, average is the new all-time for much of California and according to the National Ski Areas Association and Denver-based DestiMetrics, skier visits in the southwest (California, Nevada, Arizona) rose 50% thanks to the average snowfall reports the Tahoe Daily Tribune. As of April 18th, Sugar Bowl reported 557″ of snow on the season while Squaw reported 470″. All that snow allowed for many ski areas to remains open with Squaw staying open all the way through Memorial Day Weekend.

“It’s especially encouraging to see how strongly California roared back from four straight bad seasons of drought.” – NSAA president Michael Berry

Ultimately, Tahoe ski areas rebounded big from low revenue numbers the past few years and with La Niña on the way, Californians are keeping their fingers crossed for an even better winter upcoming.


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