10 Summer Jams That Will Take Your Party To The Next Level

10 Summer Jams That Will Take Your Party To The Next Level


10 Summer Jams That Will Take Your Party To The Next Level


Photo Credit: Abbott Gilbane

Photo Credit: Abbott Gilbane | Cover Photo: Jackson Hole Live Facebook Page

Summertime is Unofficially here and it’s a good time to shrug off that funk you’re hoping is related to dreary spring weather and not your lack of gainful employment. However, all that’s needed to get you in the mood for summer fun is a solid rotation of hot-jams.

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We’ve put together a list of  10 tracks that could help take your next roof-top chill sash, river rafting booze-cruise, or late-night desperation dance party to the next level.

And maybe, just maybe it’ll even save your life by shocking you out of Seasonal Depression:  

California Saga – The Beach Boys

No summer playlist is complete without a Beach Boys track. This is my current pick for hottest Beach Boys jam of all time.  The rest of the album is like 60% book on tape– weird.

No Matter Where We Go – Whitney

“I want to drive around with you with the windows down and we could run all night.”

That’s like, a super summery chorus.  The whole song bounces along in a way that encourages promiscuous, warm-weather fun.  It makes me picture a montage of playing tennis, catching fireflies, riding in truck beds, and tip-toeing on hot pavement with my current crush, your mom.

No Problems –  Chance the Rapper featuring Two Chains and Lil’ Wayne

This song is the odds on favorite to come in second place to Justin Timberlake’s new song for the title of song of the summer.  Personally I’d listen to this at least fifty more times just to hear 2 Chains end his verse emphatically with “School of Hard knocks / I took night classes.”  Makes me giggle every time.

My Old School- Steely Dan

This song is reportedly about a party at Bard college, where Donald Fagen and Walter Becker studied and were in a band with Chevy Chase. Judging by the lyrics, and resentment in the song, the party led to some arrests, and the School was less than supportive.  Here’s to staying out of legal trouble this summer!

No Rain – Blind Melon

While this is a 90’s standard, it’s still a hit and bound to make people reminisce on the glory of the 90’s in his/her ski town. Nevertheless, it’s a party pleaser and you can’t go wrong with the Bee Girl and Shannon Hoon’s contemplative lyrics.

Two Prince Covers that keep the magic of funk-pop alive

Pop Life – Neon Indian and Friends

It’s Gonna Be Lonely – Mac DeMarco

So, the best way to remember Prince is definitely by listening to Prince.  But, listening to these two artists having an awesome time using some of the greatest material of all time is a good way to get the beach party going too.

Ocean Man – Ween

My editor won’t publish this if I don’t include a Ween song, there’s just no way. Hope this is a deep enough cut. Also Ween is touring this summer so check out their dates here.

Palm Trees – Flatbush Zombies

Embrace your inner bad kid with this bass driven party starter.  Palm-trees – get it?!

Middle – Lexy Panterra + C C

Now if we could just have her dancing at all of our parties this summer…

*Thank you Tim, Leilah, Jeff, and pitchfork.com for the guidance.

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