Jay Peak Tram Needs $4.5 Million Upgrade

Jay Peak Tram Needs $4.5 Million Upgrade


Jay Peak Tram Needs $4.5 Million Upgrade


Jay Peak

While the Jay Peak Tram has long been criticized for its inability to operate in weather, the iconic aerial tramway is now being criticized by the Vermont Passenger Tramway Board for its behind-the-times service and maintenance. So much so that the Vermont ski area will have to fork up $4.5 million in overhauls before regular operations can commence reports The Burlington Free Press.

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The improvements include improving electric systems as well an overhaul of the carriage system that connects the cars to the lift cables. Those efforts could take up to a year to complete.

In an interview with the Burlington Free Press, lawyer and current operator of Jay Peak, Michael Goldberg told one reporter, “It kind of sucks that has to happen now.” However, Goldberg plans to file a motion in court to request the funds necessary to get the tram operational for summer use.

Find the entire Burlington Free Press article here: Jay Peak’s tram can’t run before $4.5M upgrades

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