Everest Summit
Everest as viewed from the south | Photo Credit: shrimpo1967 | Cover Photo: Christopher Michel

It’s been 3 years since a climber stood on Mount Everest’s summit. That all changes today as a team of 9 Nepali Sherpas reached the summit of 29,029′ Mount Everest at approximately 5:02pm reports Yahoo News.

“9 Sherpa using supplemental oxygen became the first to summit on the South Side of Everest in the past 3 years. Lots of friends in the fixing team, and they called us from the summit at 5pm, exhilarated. Congratulations!‪#‎everest2016‬Adrian Ballinger Facebook Page

The team of 9 Sherpas set the route on the final section above Camp II, which paves the way for future expeditions to reach the summit successfully. As of now, nearly 300 climbers are hoping to summit this season and the following work bodes well for their attempts.

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The triumphant summit also bodes well for the Nepalese tourism department, which has struggled with the economic and humanitarian blows delivered by the 2014 earthquake. In 2012, asian-trekking.com estimated that Everest climbing alone contributed roughly $11.6 million US dollars to the Nepalese economy.

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