Top 10 Reasons To Be A Ski Patroller.

Top 10 Reasons To Be A Ski Patroller.

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Top 10 Reasons To Be A Ski Patroller.


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SKI PATROL. Those two words invoke legend, mystery, and mythology in the ski bum’s metaphysical world. Within the ski-bum hierarchy, Ski patrollers belong to the highest class of skid and for good reason. On a daily basis, patrollers risk their lives, save others, and get to do what all of us have always wanted to do since we were kids– throw bombs. And in the early morning hours while destination skiers sleep, ski patrollers are riding lifts in the dark to make sure the mountain is ready and safe for the skiing public.

However, ski patrollers don’t get paid shit, work horrible hours, and have to put up with spoiled (and stupid) skiers and boarders who are constantly hurting themselves or breaking rules. So why is being a ski patroller such a sought after profession in ski towns? 

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Here are the ‘Top 10 Reasons To Be A Ski Patroller’

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10. Health insurance

Maybe this one should be the first on this list but then again, throwing bombs is way cooler than being enrolled in a health insurance plan.

9. Ride lifts in the dark

Riding the Jackson Hole Tram in the veritable dark is about as cool as it gets. The same is true for thousands of lifts across the country.

8. Get to ride in a snowcats/snowmobiles


While the skiing public waits in lift lines, ski patrollers are bypassing those lines and riding on snowmobiles up the mountain.

7. Free food/beer

Ski Patrollers are no strangers to hookups. From resort food to gifted beers, the ski patrol fridge is always stocked.

6. Street credit

Being a patroller immediately grants you legend status in a ski town. Even if the guy or girl is a complete asshole, they’re still a patroller and can pull your pass at a moment’s notice.

5. Ski resort will pay for your avy dog

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You can get an avalanche dog and the resort will pay for its food and housing because at the end of the day, the dog is an employee of the resort… No joke.

4. Pro deals

Patrollers are always on the cutting edge of pro deals. No matter what the gear, chances are its covered by the National Ski Patrol’s umbrella.

3. The Opposite Sex love it.

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Chicks love ski patrol dudes and dude’s love ski patrol chicks. Why, because they’ll take you on their ski patrol route as long as you’re not a huge gape.

2. First tracks.

Although ski patrollers aren’t making mach-schnell speed turns, they get to make wiggle turns for hours on powder that nobody else has had the chance to touch.

1. Throwing bombs.

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You get to throw bombs on slopes that are likely to slide. As a skier, there is nothing more appealing than this part of the job.

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