Watch: How NOT To Ski Corbet's Couloir.

Watch: How NOT To Ski Corbet's Couloir.


Watch: How NOT To Ski Corbet's Couloir.


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TGR brings us some footy for the boys of Tony from SLC sending it into Corbet’s @ Jackson Hole. Matthew Burlingame had this to say about the send.

Tony came up for the weekend from Salt Lake and wanted to hit the line he had been scoping for a while, so after a few warm up laps we headed for the tram. We took a nervous pee at the cabin before heading to Corbet’s Couloir.

I dropped in, via the Goat Path, and shouted up when I was ready and seconds later Tony came off the nose. I feel bad for laughing in the video, but it was definitely fear/nervousness giggles. I hiked up, grabbed his ski that didn’t run and got down to him where right away. We were pretty sure his right leg was broken. Too proud to go out in a burrito, he one legged from the bottom of Corbet’s, down to Marmot, up Marmot then downloaded the Gondi and off to the hospital we went. 

A broken fibula, an extended vacation and a little dent to the pride is what he gets in reward. In Tony’s words “it’s a line I’ve wanted for a while and I figured no better time than the present, my only regret is that I wish I had gone a little bigger and not landed in the goat path.”

-Matthew Burlingame

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