Woman Claims, "Vail Resorts is saying that it’s OK to hit a woman" After Alleged Assault @Northstar

Woman Claims, "Vail Resorts is saying that it’s OK to hit a woman" After Alleged Assault @Northstar


Woman Claims, "Vail Resorts is saying that it’s OK to hit a woman" After Alleged Assault @Northstar


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A post concerning an alleged assault of a woman by a male snowboarder @Northstar back in February is fueling a firestorm of internet anger, doubt, and most of all– questions concerning the incident itself. 

The story, which was originally shared as a post on Shredmom.com, has Danelle Muresan-Foster claiming that a man endangered her 9 year-old son in the half-pipe @Northstar. When confronted about his action, the alleged assailant hit Muresan-Foster in the eye. Currently, detectives from the Placer County Sheriff’s department are investigating the viral post, its victims, and those responsible for the altercation reports the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Northstar Denies Wrongdoing

As of now, Northstar is denying any wrongdoing. So far, resort officials are saying that Muresan-Foster is actually the one to responsible for any physical altercation. In a post addressed to the public, Northstar general manager Beth Howard says that a witness reported the alleged victim ultimately collided with the a man in lift line and fell down. Upon falling down, the man accused of assault actually attempted to help her to her feet but Muresan-Foster slapped him instead.

Northstar security officials indicated that a verbal altercation ensued and both people had their passes confiscated.

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Image from Shredmom.com

“Vail Resorts is saying that it’s OK to hit a woman.”– Danelle Muresan-Foster

That story stands in stark contrast to Muresan-Foster’s. In her account of the altercation, she claims that prior to hitting her in the eye, the alleged assailant verbally abused her saying, “What’s your name, bitch? You’re dead. You’re fucking dead! Give me your name. What’s your name?! Awww, are you gonna fucking cry?!”

In the post, she admits to slapping him before claiming to be punched her in the left eye “with his bare fist.” Later in the post, an unidentified man responded to man’s actions by telling him, “DUDE, you hit a GIRL.”

As of now, the mother of Wes Muresan says that her son is bewildered by the incident and wondering how a man can get away with assaulting a woman in public. In the post, she even claims that “Vail Resorts is saying that it’s OK to hit a woman.”

Currently, the stories are nearly all based on limited speculation and eye-witness accounts. We will continue to update the story as more witnesses, documents, and information come available.

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