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[Photos Courtesy of fiddleheadmountain.ca]

Public ski resorts are for the birds.

At least that’s what I’d say if I had the $1.6 million it costs to buy my own ski area in Canada. Originally put on the market in 2013, Fiddlehead Mountain is located near Huntsville in Ontario’s scenic Cottage Country and offers a luxury Chalet seated just below what look to be some money slopes accessed by a rope tow.

Huntsville 7

Although it’s no Wasatch Peaks, this spot looks like a rad place to raise a family of world cup ski racers. Not to mention, wake up with a cup of coffee and rip some powder 8’s with your significant other before the kiddos stir from their beds.

Find the listing and schedule a showing here: Fiddlehead Mountain

Property Stats

Sale Price– $1,590,000 CDN
Bedrooms– 5
Bathrooms– 3
Chalet– 2635 Square Feet
Amenities– Hot Tub, Pool, and Fitness Center
Ski Trails– 5
Lifts– 1 Rope Tow
Skiable Terrain– 123 acres
Rezoning potential (public ski area?)

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