Hollywood's 5 Hottest Retro Ski Babes

Hollywood's 5 Hottest Retro Ski Babes


Hollywood's 5 Hottest Retro Ski Babes


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Honorable Mention: Ski School Actress Darlene Vogel aka Lori | Cover Photo: Finola Hughes  aka Bryce Kellogg

The 80’s and early 90’s were a golden age for ski bunnies everywhere. From Aspen to Jackson and Squaw to Greendale, these ski bunnies stole hearts and refused to give ’em back. Most likely, it won’t be until Hot Tub Time Machine 6 comes out before we get over our crushes on these retro ski babes.

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Here Are Hollywood’s 5 Hottest 80’s Ski Babes

5) Sunny, Hot Dog The Movie

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Although Sylvia AKA Debbie Dutton (See Below) was the starlet cast for Hotdog The Movie, Sunny should not be considered second place. Her crass language and upfront demeanor got Harkin Banks and if I’m driving through Elko, Nevada and I see a Sunny getting kicked out of a van– you can bet your ass I’m picking her up.

4) Robin Hand, Aspen Extreme

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The Lady On The Radio– Robin Hand is what every skier wants in a girlfriend. Looks, smarts, and a no bullshit attitude that is both intimidating and attractive. Schwing!

3) Monique Junot, Better Off Dead

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Leave it to a French foreign exchange student to steal every guys heart within 10 miles of the nearest ski town. In this case, the town was called Greendale, California.

2) Sylvia, Hot Dog The Movie

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Screw Shannon Tweed! It was Debbie Dutton who was ripping away after Shannon Tweed introduced herself to a young Harkin Banks. Furthermore, it’s the image of Debbie skiing away that sticks with all true ski bums.

1) Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, Pro-skier/Model/Actress

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Suzy “Chaptick” Chaffee changed skiing forever by seamlessly combining looks with the Hot Dog movement of the 70’s and 80’s. What followed were years of ski ballet competition, acting, and modeling as the premier ski bunny in the world and the owner of many a ski-bum’s heart. Although Suze was not a formally trained actress, she did appear in “Fire and Ice” as well as “Ski Lift To Death.”

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