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Although most people in the United States think the fanciest chairlift in the world is the heated six pack @Okemo Mountain Resort in southern Vermont, those people are wrong.

Over the pond in Kitzbühel, Austria, Leitner Ropeways has taken luxury chairlifts to a whole new level. The newly opened Brunn eight pack boasts ergonomic engineering whose leather seats contain a heating mechanism to keep your ass toasty while a bubble and safety bar is brought down to protect guests from themselves.

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The team at Leitner Ropeways took a total of 10 months to complete the chairlift and employed automobile industry experts to design the seating on the lift. The result is the fanciest chairlift in the world that is not only comfortable but fast. According to Outside Online, the chair can transport up to 3,300 skiers or riders up 1,200 vertical feet in roughly 3 minutes. The experience is being billed by the chairlift manufacturer as “riding the ropeway with the comfort of a luxury limousine.”

“With the new Premium chairs by LEITNER ropeways, winter sports enthusiasts sit especially comfortably and securely. Comfort recognizable at the first glance. These exclusive seats impress with their elegant design, combining styling elements and expertise from the automotive industry with high-quality materials and the latest technology. Genuine leather paddings offer the look of luxury while being particularly slip-proof – a plus especially for small passengers.” Leitner Ropeways

Leitner Chair
Photo Credit: Leitner Ropeways
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Looks pretty kush!
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Check out the mean gaper gap right there…

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