Renegade Family Rescued After Skiing Out Of Bounds

Renegade Family Rescued After Skiing Out Of Bounds


Renegade Family Rescued After Skiing Out Of Bounds


Ducking ropes to score some untracked snow and instead becoming lost in the woods is no new phenomenon– But a whole family?

According to CBC News, a family of six was skiing at the Sun Peaks Resort outside of Kamloops, BC on Monday, when they found themselves in quite the predicament. Originally, the family ducked a boundary rope in order to find a shortcut back to their lodging when things went south. Instead, the family skied directly into what is considered an avalanche prone area. Once they realized they were in danger, the father decided to call in the cavalry.

A RCMP helicopter was deployed and the family was promptly located.

Before the helicopter located their position, search and rescue officials advised the family that due to avalanche risk and waning light, they might have to spend the night. Fortunately for the children, who are between the ages of 6 and 13, search and rescue personnel were able to escort them to safety and back to the base area.

The family has since been advised against traveling out-of-bounds without the proper knowledge and equipment

In an interview with CBC, Toursim Sun Peaks president, Christopher Nicolson indicated that the children were unphased by the ordeal saying, “They were having a snowball fight in the parking lot when I saw them.”

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* If you don’t know… Don’t go!

Read the entire CBC article here: Family of skiers safe after going out of bounds at Sun Peaks Resort

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