Photo Credit: The Ultimate Taxi Aspen
Photo Credit: Chassig via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Chassig via Wikimedia Commons

The snowboarder, skier beef has been running for a long time and no matter what skiing takes from snowboarding or visa versa, it seems the beef is still alive and kicking– or should I say pushing.

On Sunday, that beef was brought to an entirely new level. According to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, an Aspen snowboarder by the name of Seth Beckton plunged approximately 20-25 feet after being pushed from the Loge Peak high-speed quad @Aspen Highlands on Sunday morning. Beckton claims the man responsible was in his late 20’s/early 30’s and took the action based on a seemingly harmless comment Beckton made while riding the chair.

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In a facebook post, Beckton explained that towards the end of their lift ride the two began conversing about the powder day and the difference between skiing powder and snowboarding powder. “To get tits-deep pow shots you just need to be on your edges,” said the snowboarder.

It was this comment to which the skier took offense and responded, “Are you making fun of me?”

Confused by the skier’s response, Beckton initially thought the skier might be joking and thus replied, “Not really … but maybe.”

Retaliation came quick after the skier asked, “If you think that’s funny, do you think this is funny?” He then proceeded to push Beckton off the chair. Luckily, the snowboarder landed in a pile of fresh, which cushioned his fall and left him unharmed. “I didn’t want to let it ruin my day. I decided to continue on my way,” said Beckton after realizing the skier had disappeared.

Reflecting on the incident, he said he was experiencing shock and sheer confusion. However, Beckton continued shredding powder instead of filing a formal report, which he says he wish he’d done immediately following the confrontation. He also said there was a second skier on the lift who witnessed the incident. He is not sure whether the two were friends or not.

Photo Credit: The Ultimate Taxi Aspen
Photo Credit: The Ultimate Taxi Aspen

Beckton described his skier assailant as follows:

Human skier who tosses people from chair lifts was wearing a 1/3 burgundy 2/3 tan jacket with gray pants, an old silver Giro helmet with old Smith sensor mirror goggles.

If you have any information on the assailant, please contact local authorities here: Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office

You can read the entire Post Independent article here: Skier reportedly pushes snowboarder off Aspen Highlands chairlift

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