Two Men Perish in Swiss Avalanche Over Weekend

Two Men Perish in Swiss Avalanche Over Weekend


Two Men Perish in Swiss Avalanche Over Weekend



Another avalanche in the alps has proved fatal. Reports from le News are indicating that two men have died after being buried by a Swiss Avalanche in the ‘Les 4 Vallées‘ area. According to local police, the search and rescue call was received at approximately 2:30pm. A group that witnessed the avalanche crash down the mountain reported the incident. Guides, ski patrol, and lift operators arrived on scene and were involved in the rescue effort.

On average there are usually between 20-30 avalanche fatalities in Switzerland every year.

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Involved in the avalanche were four individuals, all of whom have yet to be identified. Out of the group of four, all were buried. When rescue officials reached the scene, they uncovered all four individuals but unfortunately two of the victims were later pronounced dead.

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This accident marks the 4th and 5th avalanche fatalities of the season in Switzerland.

Find up-to-date Swiss avalanche bulletins here: WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF

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