Vail's EpicMix Adds GPS Powered #PowFinder | Secret Stashes Don't Stand A Chance

Vail's EpicMix Adds GPS Powered #PowFinder | Secret Stashes Don't Stand A Chance


Vail's EpicMix Adds GPS Powered #PowFinder | Secret Stashes Don't Stand A Chance


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Enjoy your secret stash while you can because it’s about to get snaked. 

Thanks to Garmin and Vail resorts, the newly developed EpicMix app is about to get even more expansive. In addition to lift-line wait times, vertical feet logged, and tally of days skied, the newest smart phone application to hit the ski industry will now include a “PowFinder” toggle. The new asset will be powered by Garmin and consequently allow EpicMix users to view which runs have the most traffic and which runs are being lapped by a group of locals “in the EpicMix.” The innovation comes next year as Vail plans to put GPS receivers in all of its passes for the 2016/2017 season.

Season pass or day ticket, you’ll know where everyone is skiing and where everyone is not skiing.

The innovation seeks to provide a “real mountain experience” for Vail guests and the new technology is in line with Vail’s trademark customer service.

For example, a vacation skier from Georgia is wondering where all the powder is? Trenchtown is now just a click away. Wondering how long the ant-line up the bootpack is? The PowFinder toggle will let you know before you completely fog the goggles that are wrapped around your neck. 

Even on marginal conditions days, you can find the local’s favorite bump run or an out-of-the-way groomer and invade like Genghis Kahn. And it doesn’t stop there. After you shred the GNAR, spread the news of your conquest via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook. Soon enough all your buddies will be gang-banging the same run with shit eating grins on their faces.

According to reports, locals are upset at the news. One Vail Mountain rental technician by the name of Matt “Natty” Tompkins commented on the new addition saying, “it’s gonna ruin what’s left of my ‘shangri-la’ powder 8 zone.” Other locals echoed that same sentiment but Vail Resorts is set on adding the PowFinder this upcoming season. When asked about how it will change the mountains under the EpicPass umbrella, one resort official responded by saying, “to us it’s all about the customer experience and if our customers are left in the dark than we’re not being good hosts… are we?”

Whatever the case may be, enjoy your secret while you can because it’s about to appear on my iPhone.

* This is a work of satire by Unofficial Networks.

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