Another Huge Storm Headed For The Alps | Up to 8 Feet @La Grave

Another Huge Storm Headed For The Alps | Up to 8 Feet @La Grave


Another Huge Storm Headed For The Alps | Up to 8 Feet @La Grave


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There’s a storm a-brewin and the French Alps stand to get absolutely hammered with pow by Monday evening. Over the course of the next 6 days, La Grave is leading the charge with up to 100 inches by Monday Evening! 

That’s Over 8 Feet Of Snow!

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And that’s not a conversion problem from metric to non-metric.

The snow that will follow is set to pile up on top of the already significant snowfall from the past week, which left up to a 40″ in spots across the alps. So far, Monday seems to be the biggest day with up to 45″ falling above 3,400 feet in a single day!

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If the 6-day forecast comes through, the avalanche danger will undoubtedly spike and natural slides will be pouring off many of the mountain faces. Beware of mountain closures during the upcoming week as the mountains will be rapidly loaded with new snow that will fall on a melt/freeze layer that developed during the abnormally dry December.

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Bottomline, the ski season is turning around big time in the French Alps and La Grave locals are stoked to see how much different the mountain will look by the middle of next week.

Here Are The Top 5 Snowfall Totals Behind La Grave

* Snow Totals Are Drawn From A 6 Day Forecast

4) Alpe d’Huez, France- 58.8″

3) Courmayeur, Italy- 60.9″

2) Les Deux Alpes, France- 76.6″

1) Chamonix, France- 96″

Let It Snow And Stay Safe!

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