Report: Over 36 Avalanches This Week In Colorado

Report: Over 36 Avalanches This Week In Colorado


Report: Over 36 Avalanches This Week In Colorado


That Is One Complex Crown | Photo Credit: CAIC

That Is One Complex Crown | Photo Credit: CAIC

Avalanches are popping left, right, and center this week in Colorado.

Currently an avalanche warning is in effect for 3 mountainous zones of Colorado, while the rest of Colorado’s mountains are sitting at ‘considerable’ with the exception of the Sangre De Cristo’s. Since the start of the week, natural and skier triggered avalanches have occurred with a few close calls. So with that in mind, it’s as good a time as ever to ski the resort and wait for the snow to stabilize.

However, with the holidays quickly approaching and Instagram face shots galore, many skiers will let their FOMO get ahead of the current avalanche danger and all the Colorado Avalanche Information Center can do is recommend that those venturing into the backcountry stay out of avalanche prone terrain and on slopes less than 30º.

The Following Warning Applies To The Flat Tops, Steamboat, Gunnison, and Northern San Juans.

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So far 36 avalanches have been reported by The Colorado Avalanche Information Center since Monday morning and we’re only a quarter of the way through Wednesday in Colorado. In all likely hood over 40 slides will be reported by the end of day and how many of those will involve skiers is yet to be seen.

As a perennial winner for most infamous snowpack, Colorado residents should take extreme caution throughout today and through the holidays as the snowpack adjusts to the massive amount of new snow.

Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Photo Credit: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

For More Information Visit: Colorado Avalanche Information Center


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