Report: New England Ski Resorts Are Overpricing Lift Tickets By 30%

Report: New England Ski Resorts Are Overpricing Lift Tickets By 30%


Report: New England Ski Resorts Are Overpricing Lift Tickets By 30%


Photo Credit: dvs via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit: dvs via Flickr Creative Commons

With Vail lift tickets running as high as $159 for a single day, $75 for a single day of skiing doesn’t sound so bad.

Or does it?

In a recent report by No Boundaries, the average price of lift tickets for resorts in New England have gone from $44 in 2001 to $75 dollars in 2015. However, according to their research, lift tickets should only be around $59 today, a number which accounts for inflation over 14 years.

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So what accounts for the price gouge?

Not much according to the affordable skiing advocates. In the past 15 years the supply of ski areas and the amount of demand (# of skiers) has stayed flat for the most part.  And although improvements to snowmaking systems, lodge renovations, and added lifts cost money, those factors still don’t account for the dramatic price increase.

The only factor that does account for the increase…

Consolidation. Plain and Simple.

The largest market force in the ski industry today is resort groups consolidating their offerings under one pass. That phenomena is having mixed results. On one hand, season ski passes are more versatile and priced more reasonably than ever compared to some of the independent resorts (1 Aspen season pass costs $2099!). On the other hand, individual days at these consolidated resorts are being priced with steeper and steeper margins in the resort operators favor.

Ultimately, the casual skier who doesn’t want to be tied down to a resort group as well as the destination skiers pay the price.

But the question remains, is the tradeoff fair?

About No Boundaries

We’re just like you

 No Boundaries is the brainchild of two winter enthusiasts that were tired of paying more for lift tickets each year. Skiing and snowboarding has become less and less affordable for the average consumer. The people who built the skiing and snowboarding culture in the New England are having a difficult time keeping up with the rising prices.

Our goal is to change all that. As a community, we have the power to make this happen.  We realize that the average person can only ski or snowboard on the weekends when lift ticket prices are the highest. No Boundaries specializes in providing the lowest prices on weekend lift tickets at New England’s best ski resorts.

If we are offering lift tickets to a mountain, you will not find a lower price. Anywhere.

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