Photo Credit: Ken Ratcliff via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Ken Ratcliff via Flickr Creative Commons

All ski days are not created equal and neither are any two pairs of skis.

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With that in mind, not every day is a powder day and in a climate change world, drastic changes in weather are common and more pronounced than ever. For that reason, 100+ day skiers need multiple paintbrushes to paint a constantly morphing canvas.

Here are the 5 Skis Ever 100+ Day Skier Should Have in their Quiver…

All Mountain

Skier: Baptiste Leprince Photo Credit: Dynastar Facebook Page
Skier: Baptiste Leprince Photo Credit: Dynastar Facebook Page

Although many ski bums can only afford one ski, there is no such thing as one ski that is ‘perfect’ for all conditions. That said, always blame the carpenter, not his tools. So if you’re good at pounding nails, chances are the Dynastar Cham 97 Skis can take you damn near everywhere with the exception of 80cm days in Niseko.


Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal
Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

Not everyone is into SkiMo but some of us dabble. So taking that into account, snatch up a touring ski that is versatile. Take a democratic approach and get a ski that can do most everything, while remaining as light as possible. The Faction Agent 100 is a good place to start. It’s paulownia and carbon core makes the ski light and its traditional camber with an early rise tip keeps you afloat in the deep stuff. Also, these sticks are no noodles, they’re stiff and reliable in variable conditions as well.


Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal
Photo Credit: Abbott Gilbane

Now is the fun part. Ever since Shane McConkey used waterskis to ski spines in Alaska, reverse cambered skis have been at the forefront of ski sales. Surfy and slashable, powder skis have come a long way in the last few years and saying one ski is the “powder ski of the year” should be considered blasphemous. However, the 2016 Blizzard Bodacious Skis is making waves as a burly Powder ski that’s not afraid of mach schnell speeds.

In this years edition, Blizzard removed the excess titanium from the ski and added their “flip core” technology with carbon fiber in the tips and tails. The change has made the ski more nimble without sacrificing stability.


Photo Credit: Rossignol Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Rossignol Facebook Page

Not all days are powder days. For that reason having a carver that can seamlessly load and unload turns through perfect corduroy is a necessity. Our advice? grab a pair of skis with a waist under 90mm and a fierce sidecut profile. The Rossignol Pursuit 800 Men’s System Skis 170cm fits this profile and will give you Alberto Tomba style without the effort it takes to roll over 110mm skis in firm conditions.

Gaper Day Ski

Gaper Day
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Rocket mono-ski? It’s been done. Straight skis, yes those work. Snurfer, HELL YES.

If you’re skiing 100+ days, you’re going to need a ski for quite possibly the most important ski day of them all. I’m talking ‘Gaper Day’ gear and yes, you’re skis need to match your onsie. So go to a second-hand store and pick up the raddest pair you can find.

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