NASA: New Video Shows Ski Terrain On Pluto

NASA: New Video Shows Ski Terrain On Pluto


NASA: New Video Shows Ski Terrain On Pluto


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Pluto might not technically be considered a planet anymore but that doesn’t mean the “dwarf planet” is lacking attention from skiers and snowboarders. Scientists have already reported of snow coverering the mountains and craters of the planet as well as one volcan0-like mountain spewing ice and snow.

That activity points to a possibly a heat and energy source coming from the planet’s core!

However, NASA is giving skiers more reasons to get excited about skiing on the final frontier. Officials from the space expoloration just released a new video from their New Horizons spacecraft, which shows detailed images of the topography of Pluto’s surface. From flat ice fields, to towering mountains, the planet gets more and more interesting by the day.

So theoretically, if we can send a spacecraft to Pluto, we can theoretically send an spacecraft manned with pro skiers to lay down first descents on the a dwarf planet that lies at the outskirts of our solar system?


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