Lake Louise Apres Spot Might Have Helped Spread Hepatitis A

Lake Louise Apres Spot Might Have Helped Spread Hepatitis A


Lake Louise Apres Spot Might Have Helped Spread Hepatitis A


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Normally known for terrain and snow that gives skiers shit eating grins, a Lake Louise Apres spot is now garnering a reputation for feeding its skiers food and/or water that was infected by shit. Literally. 

According to CBC, health officials are currently investigating a food service employee at Lake Louise who was infected with Hepatitis A while working at the Alberta resort. The only people in danger of contracting the virus are those who consumed hot beverages at the Powder Keg Lounge between the dates of November 6-8.

Those who drank cold beverages are not at risk… (Note: Avoid the hot chocolate and drink beer to stay safe…)

Alberta Health Services will administer free vaccines on Friday and Saturday.

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a virus that can infect the liver. In most cases, the infection goes away on its own and doesn’t lead to long-term liver problems. In rare cases, it can be more serious.

Other viruses (hepatitis B and hepatitis C) also can cause hepatitis. Hepatitis A is the most common type.

The hepatitis A virus is found in the stool of an infected person. It is spread when a person eats food or drinks water that has come in contact with infected stool-

Vaccination Locations

Banff- Banff Public Health Office. 303 Lynx St, Banff, AB, Canada

11am-6:45pm (Friday)

9:30am-5:15 (Saturday)

Calgary- Brentwood Village Mall, 3630 Brentwood Rd. N.W Calgary, AB T2L 1K8, Canada

11am-6:45pm (Friday)

9:30am-5:15 (Saturday)

“I just took a test this morning… at the free clinic for Hepatitis. I kicked ass too, I got an A, two B’s, and a C… But don’t tell the 6th street blood bank…”

Read the Entire CBC article here: Hepatitis A warning issued for Lake Louise Ski Resort lounge patrons

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