Hurricane Force Winds Crush White Pass

Hurricane Force Winds Crush White Pass


Hurricane Force Winds Crush White Pass


Although White Pass was left with fairly limited accumulations after the most recent storm blew threw the Pacific Northwest, the resort is saying it experienced winds that exceeded 110 mph!

According to an article in The Chronicle, the extreme winds eventually broke the resort’s gauge and the last recorded wind speeds came in between 75 and 85mph.

Hurricane force winds are categorized by wind speeds that are at least 74mph!

Ski area spokesperson Kathleen Goyette told The Chronicle that they are currently working on fixing the anemometer. Bottomline, it’s remarkable the wind gauge was able to record the wind speed to which Goyette added, “we were lucky power held up.”

However, White Pass was not the only resort in the PNW to see crazy wind speeds. Areas surrounding Crystal Mountain recorded up to 108mph winds.

“Winter weather looks and feels great today.  We need more to open, but we are definitely looking better each day!  Typically WP needs 24″ -36″ of snow to run lifts.White Pass Snow Report

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