The Top 5 Ski-2-Sea Trips

Bergmenn Mountain Guides, Iceland, skiing, ski tour

The Top 5 Ski-2-Sea Trips


The Top 5 Ski-2-Sea Trips


Bergmenn Mountain Guides, Iceland, skiing, ski tour

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Normally, the mountains and the ocean are mutually exclusive entities. However, in some cases that’s not the case at all. In some exotic locations, the sea backs right up to the mountains in what becomes and odd but entertaining couple that provides not only a novelty experience but rad skiing as well.

Here are the top 5 Sea-2-Ski Trips in the World!

5) Hokkaido, Japan

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The northern island of Japan offers some of the best powder skiing on the planet. Combine that with wandering descents that lead to the coast and your experience becomes unique to say the least. For the best resort views head to Asari Ski Resort, which has plentiful trees and sidecountry shots for the shred saavy. That said, there are multiple zones perched above the port city of Otaru, providing for similar descents that in good conditions can lead right to the sea.

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4) Lyngen Alps, Norway

The Lyngen Alps act like methadone for hardcore ski bums. In the spring, those not ready to quit skiing head to this land of midnight sun to continue shred missions and ween themselves off the two planks by skiing from dusk till dusk (seriously). Here, you can literally ski around the clock and tick off couloir after couloir, while being delivered to each zone via Zodiac.

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3) Troll Peninsula, Iceland

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The Troll Peninsula is the ski touring and mountaineering capital of Iceland with peaks spanning from the coast inland and provides for some of the most stark and aesthetic skiing in the world. Also, Iceland benefits from long spring days, where you can ski and tour till you pull a Squints Palledorous and you “just can’t take this no more!” 

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2) Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

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Antarctica is the least inhabited place on Earth and skiing here is not just another one of those niche trip where you can say “I skied Antarctica.” Honestly, the skiing can be all time. The mountains populating the peninsula are technically a continuation of the Andes and the highest peaks rise above 9,000 ft with the highest peak being Mount Jackson at 10,446 ft, providing for some of the best face and couloir skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

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1) Prince William Sound, Alaska

Alaska, aka the motherland, aka Mecca is no stranger to adventure skiing. That said, the Prince William Sound is one of the few places in southeast Alaska that still retains first descents, not to mention the fact that some lines end on the coast. On the right year, those descents become skiable and offer some of the best and less frequented skiing in the Chugach range.

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