Photo Credit: Ruth Hartnup via Flickr Creative Commons

In what Whistler Blackcomb is terming “backcountry” mountain bike tours, the action sports mecca of British Columbia is offering a first in resort serviced mountain biking. So in order to take advantage of some of the more advanced terrain (such as the Top of the World Trail), Whistler is implementing what they are calling the “Peak to Creek” backcountry bike tour.

“An epic option for advanced riders ONLY. One of the Bike Park’s most senior guides will test the skill level of riders before this full day 5,000 ft alpine descent.”Whistler Blackcomb website

As mountain biking blossoms into a nationally recognized sport, it’s no surprise that guided tours would eventually be brought into the marketpalce no matter how strange it might seem.

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“This 5-6 hour bike tour is not for the faint at heart. Riding through trails such as Top of the World, Khyber, and Kashmir, your heart will be racing as fast as your bike through some of the great trails the Whistler Mountain Bike Park has to offer. Join us for a tour you’ll likely not to forget; spectacular views, a hard-workout, and an exhilarating ride.”Whistler Blackcomb Website

On paper, it sounds a little niche… Know what I mean?