New Hampshire MiniMax Pass Offers 3 Ski Areas for $199

New Hampshire MiniMax Pass Offers 3 Ski Areas for $199


New Hampshire MiniMax Pass Offers 3 Ski Areas for $199


In a world dominated by a “bigger is better” mentality, it’s pleasant to see humble folks doing simple things that make sense.

Such is the case with Pats Peak and the new MiniMax pass that offers 2-day passes to three New Hampshire ski areas for only $199 bucks. The resorts included in the pass are Pats Peak, King Pine, and McIntyre Ski Areas.

“The multi-area passes offered by the so-called ‘major resorts’ are over-hyped” says King Pine President Robert Hoyt. “Our mission is to give skiers and snowboarders the chance to simplify life and save money. In this age of excess, skiing small with MiniMIX is a refreshing change to a high-speed, detached world.

The pass contains absolutely no blackout dates or hidden fees attached to the pass. Instead, with each pass purchase, $10 will be donated to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

And although the MiniMax Pass may not offer the largest conglomeration of skiable terrain, the feeling of riding a chairlift and skiing is the same in New Hampshire as it is in Colorado. This is what Pats Peak general manager Klif Blomback means when he says, “No matter how big the resort, you can only ride one lift at a time and we offer that at a fraction of the cost and elevation.” 

And the benefits of a MiniMax Pass don’t stop there…

“It’s our experience that Pats Peak, King Pine, and McIntyre love kids, pets, and families as well as any of the corporate giants.  A free puppy kiss comes with ever MiniMIX pass, subject to approval of the purchaser and availability of a puppy that can be found at the Rescue League headquarters in Bedford, NH.”-Katie Schelzel, Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire Director of Communications & Community Affairs

Complete information and purchase instructions are available at

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