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After a survey was conducted by ski resort management consultant Christoph Schrahe, it appears that many European ski resorts are exaggerating the length of their runs.

And they’re exaggerating by kilometers not meters reports The Telegraph.

The drastic embellishment is drawing ire from people around the globe as some of the resorts have made outrageous claims in their marketing campaigns that are now debunked by Montenius Consult’s Mr. Schrahe’s findings. The consultant’s initial findings were displayed on Unofficial Networks over a year ago.

Since then, Schrahe expanded his investigation by using GPS, a digital mapping system, and Google Earth to find out the actual length of the runs at resorts from France to Austria. Turns out the worst culprit in the sample was Corvatsch-Furtschellas, which is located just south of St. Moritz in Switzerland

Corvatsch-Furtschellas Ski Resort Claims to have 120km of piste when in fact they only have 40km. Yikes…

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Here is Schrahe’s Black List of Dishonest Ski Resorts as displayed by the Telegraph

Corvatsch, Switzerland

Resort measurement: 120km
Schrahe measurement: 40km
Exaggerated by: 200%

Les 4 Vallees ski area, Switzerland

Resort measurement: 400km
Schrahe measurement: 188km
Exaggerated by: 112%

Les Sybelles, France

Resort measurement: 310km
Schrahe measurement: 146km
Exaggerated by: 112%

Obergurgl, Austria

Resort measurement: 110km
Schrahe measurement: 61km
Exaggerated by: 80%

Les Deux Alpes, France

Resort measurement: 222km
Schrahe measurement: 135km
Exaggerated by: 64%

Serre Chevalier, France

Resort measurement: 250km
Schrahe measurement: 157km
Exaggerated by: 59%

Les Trois Vallées, which many claim to be the largest ski area on Earth, says it contains 600km of on-piste runs when according to Schrahe’s findings, the French resort only contains 495km. That said, their exaggeration is inconsequential compared to Corvatsch’s immense fib.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Schrahe told one reporter, “They have a ticket price of 75 Swiss francs. Another resort nearby which only claims to have 40km of pistes charges 25 Swiss francs for a ski pass. Given the number of visitors, they receive, I calculate that 1.5 million Swiss Francs of Corvatsch’s income comes from cheating.” 

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