5 Ways to Skip Work and Go Skiing

5 Ways to Skip Work and Go Skiing

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5 Ways to Skip Work and Go Skiing


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5) The Evader

The evader, better known as the “call in Siiiiiick” move is a go to for any ski bum. The key to this move is avoiding anyone from work except in the form of email. If you can stay on email, send in a fake response from the doctor’s waiting room around 11 am you’re good to go till 3 pm. At 3, you need to check back and tell them you have a sinus infection.

4) The Powder Clause

Known mainly to the nail pounders in a ski town, the “powder clause” is an agreement between employee and employer that allows workers to skip work if the snow totals are over 10” in the last 24 hours. However, it’s up to the employee to keep a copy of a powder clause on hand so if need be, the employee remind the employer of their agreement.

3) The No Call, No Show

This move is less of an excuse as much as it is a total cop out. That said, sometimes you just need to shake the snowglobe and move on to the next shit job and go ski the 24” fresh inches that fell overnight. Because at the end of the day, you moved to a ski town to ski right?

Whatever makes you sleep at night…

2) The Lunch Break

Everyone needs a good lunch. So bring a PB&J to work, tell the boss you’re taking your lunch break, and go skiing instead. When you return three hours later with a red face and out of breath, just tell them the line to get a sandwich was out of control.

1)  The Payoff

Sometimes all it takes to go skiing is a bottle of nice whiskey or tequila for the boss. Do that early in the season and the chances of you skipping work on a powder day and not losing your job becomes a real possibility.

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