China has emerged as a global powerhouse in a variety of different avenues in recent history….maybe skiing will be the next?

“China’s ski scene remained a mystery until now. The Beginning is a short film from our “Up One More” feature that was inspired by the Chinese saying: 天下雪友是一家 “All the worlds snow friends are one family”. Join us as we journey to the potential birthplace of skiing and revisit an ancient ski making tradition, ski bumps with Glen Plake at a modern ski resort in Beijing, and ski deep powder on the North Korean border. Along the way we are embraced by the young but vibrant Chinese ski culture, which helps us discover that the old saying rings true; we are a global family united by our passion for snow.”

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 6.58.48 PM
p.s. you can’t touch this guys hat game.

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