Fresh Drone Footage of Indonesian Volcano Eruption

Fresh Drone Footage of Indonesian Volcano Eruption


Fresh Drone Footage of Indonesian Volcano Eruption


Perfect drone op.  Who wants to risk a heli just for some footage….send up the drone.

I captured this video of Mount Sinabung erupting with my DJI Phantom Vision Plus quadcopter.
Due to extremely high winds and pressure from being so close to the eruption (My quad was less than 7km) my props make quite the appearance – but the gimbal holds solid!

Mount Sinabung an active volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The 8,070-foot volcano has spewed hot lava almost daily last month, according to a monitoring station, seven hot ash avalanches slid 10,500 feet down the mountain on 6/27/2015 while the ash cloud that I captured billowed 6,560 feet high.

Sinabung is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene stratovolcano, the mountain awoke in 2010 after lying dormant for nearly four centuries; over the past five years, its eruptions have caused several deaths, and forced villagers to repeatedly evacuate their homes. Although the volcano’s recent activity hasn’t caused any injuries yet, 10,000 nearby villagers have already evacuated the region.

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