Interview: Radical Professional Company Seeks to End Hat Loss

Interview: Radical Professional Company Seeks to End Hat Loss


Interview: Radical Professional Company Seeks to End Hat Loss


Hat loss is an epidemic that affects 99% of hat wearer’s worldwide. Thankfully, the guys at Radical Professional Company are here to change all that with their Level 1 Pro Strap Hat. Currently, these two revolutionaries are kickstarting their idea and need your help.

We recently had the pleasure to sit down and ask these two pro’s some questions to find out what makes them tick and why losing your hat is for amateurs.


Creators Matt Legrice (left) and Marsh Gooding (right)

How did Two Radical Professionals like yourselves meet?

(MATT SPEAKING)​ We have been inventing important lifestyle products since the intelligent age of 11 and a 1/2. Our first collaboration was a promotional video for Mucho Bueño Proteína Peso 2000™ (which directly translates Mega Mass 2000 Weight Gain Powder™). We saw an opportunity in the South America Muscle building community to really put the Mucho in Proteína. We also got a B+ on our 7th grade Spanish Class project.

When did you come up with the idea for “hat retention technology?”

​(MARSH SPEAKING) Well, we didn’t really ‘come up with it per say, it actually came to us after a conversation with a Mahalo Knight about how we could speed-ride bikes with hats on at extremely aggressive chin angles. After a few basic prototypes, we eventually came up with the design that literally pushed the limits of our patentless hat-retention technology.

What defines a Radical Professional?

(MATT SPEAKING) A Radical Professional is an extreme individual who is pushing the limits of what it means to be a Pro. Bacially, if you take the average professional, turn the douche knob down to 0 and the stoke knob up to 11 you end up with a qualified Rad Pro. Our ​role model of a ​true Rad Pro is Pascal Budin. He can be seen ‘Roc Skiing’ in his non on-snow time in this amazing video:

Have you contemplated winter hats with chinstraps?

(MARSH SPEAKING) Due to the fact that one of the core uses for the Level 1 Pro Strap Hat is Backcountry Skiing, we have done a lot of winter-weather product testing. We have found that our ‘mesh-back Thermoregulation Technology’ is actually great for your average winter day. We have deeply discussed a hat retention system that includes more extensive insulation for extreme temperatures and have it in our product pipeline as something that we’d love to develop.

You guys live in Steamboat correct? For how long?

(MATT SPEAKING) We both grew up in Steamboat and wanted Rad Pro Co to be headquartered there​. Marsh spent some time in Vermont Skiing for UVM and is now living in between Boulder and Steamboat while his fiancée attends grad school  – He’ll be getting full-time Radical in Steamboat again next month. I, myself, am working remotely from the 44th story of my NYC office where I plan to get in touch with the city types and gain more intel on what is currently in hot fashion.​

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.11.31 AM

What makes Steamboat a great location for Radical Professionals?

(MARSH SPEAKING)​ Steamboat has a pretty sweet professional community – We’ve got Big Agnes, Honey Stinger, Moots Cycles, Smartwool, and other companies full of professionals who like to get rad whenever they can. Although we may not have the most extreme terrain, we have a serious range of radical-type sports available locally and plenty of extreme athletes who need to keep their hats on.

Where do you see The Radical Professional Company in 20 years?

(MATT SPEAKING) We see the Radical Professional brand being synonymous with obscure sports worldwide. We want to support those working on the fringe of mainstream sports; where the limits of what’s possible are constantly being tested. Our long term vision includes supporting high level athletes in Gelande, Arctic man, Professional Arm (and Leg)​ wrestling, 2-man luge and the like.

What is your favorite function for the Level 1 Pro Strap Hat?

(MARSH SPEAKING) Phew, this is a hard question. We’ve found many uses for the level 1 pro strap hat, however our favorite function has to be that it’s an excellent indicator of when someone is about to do something extremely stupid. When someone straps their face in, you can tell they have a much higher level of confidence for those ‘hold my beer watch this moments’

Is there a certain accessory that goes best with the Rad Pro Strap Hat?

(MATT SPEAKING) The fine folks over at Pit Viper make some high-level safety sunglasses that can keep the wind out of your eyes while our Pro Strap keeps your hat on.​

Whom do you think needs a Rad Pro Hat the most?

(MARSH SPEAKING) Anyone with a fat face and/or a little head. ​If we could put a Pro Strap on any one dude it’d have to be Pascal Budin (as seen in the video above). It might also be good to tighten the strap way down on Dr. Phil so that he keeps his fucking mouth shut.​

What’s the number #1 result of wearing a Rad Pro Hat?

(MATT SPEAKING) The obvious answer here is zero hat loss, but we found that the number one result was an extreme boost in confidence and a general feeling of heightened importance. Both of which lead to being more rad, which is amazing.​

Rad Pro Chin Strap Hat

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