The Best Summer Micro-Brews of 2015

The Best Summer Micro-Brews of 2015


The Best Summer Micro-Brews of 2015


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Beer pairs with summer like Chocos do water. Whether that be barbecues, days spent by the river, night-time fires by the ocean, or just sitting and enjoying a good ole fashioned deck-beer, these are the go-to beers for all of your summer adventures. Cheers.

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Odell Brewing- St. Lupulin (Extra Pale Ale)

All hopheads worship St. Lupulin whether they know it or not. Crafted by Odell Brewing out of Ft. Collins, CO, St. Lupulin is the hophead’s summer go-to. By definition, Lupulin is the resin extracted from glands at the base of the hop plant. The active ingredient in hops, Lupulin creates a relaxing effect in addition to the alcohol content. Odell’s is proud to emphasize this effect during the summer months in their St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale.

ABV- 6.5%

IBU- 46

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Alaskan Brewing Co.- Summer Ale (Kölsch Style Ale)

Alaskan Brewing came up with the ultimate summer sauce with its Summer Ale. This is the lightest and most refreshing summer beer anyone can ask for. The Kölsch style of brewing brings a light and crisp flavor with a hint of wheat at the end, which is perfect for hot summer days and pairs perfectly with a summer fish fry.

ABV- 5.3%

IBU- 18


Magic Hat Brewing Company- #9 (Not Quite Pale Ale)

Ever since my first #9 in 2009, this beer continues to surprise. A perennial powerhouse to this day, the “not quite pale ale” is just that. #9 is mysterious. Its apricot aroma is matched by the taste, which provides a hint of fruit that is neither overpowering or hard to grasp. This is the result of carefully brewed beer with the addition of Cascade Hops.

ABV- 5.1%

IBU- 20


Sierra Nevada- Summerfest (Crisp Lager)

Summerfest is like Miller-Lite’s sophisticated cousin. It’s a refreshing adage to the original pilsner’s of the Czech variety and its drinkability is on par with Alaskan’s Summer Ale. However, it’s more of a lager and less of a Kölsch, with an intense malt flavor, citrusy after tones, and a floral aroma without the telltale richness of their flagship Pale Ale.

ABV- 5%

IBU- 28


Lagunitas- DayTime (A Fractional IPA)

Lagunitas is making waves by providing an IPA that has less than a 6% ABV. However, the lowered ABV, makes this Ale stand out at summer barbecues and raft trips by reigning in the extreme IPA’s who host a 8% ABV or more. Instead of stumbling and bumbling, you’ll feel relaxed and still be able to talk after 3 of these DayTime Fractional IPA’s.

ABV- 4.65

IBU- 54.20

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Brooklyn Brewery- Summer Ale (British Summer Ale)

Brewed as a “British Summer Ale,” Brooklyn Brewing’s summer staple is a light take on a Pale Ale. The dry-hopped brewing creates a fresh and lip smacking beer, which is a refreshing alternative in a beer world dominated by the traditional Pale Ale.

ABV- 5%

IBU- 18


Tröegs Independent Craft Brewery- Sunshine Pils (Pilsner)

Hoppier than a traditional Pilsner, Tröegs Sunshine Pils is the hophead’s Pilsner. Brewed with simplicity in mind, the Sunshine Pils provides a refreshing, low carbonation finish while adding in a bitterness that is the result of its hop content not normally found in Pilsners. The result is a straightforward beer that is as refreshing as it is delicious.

ABV- 4.5%

IBU- 45

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Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales- Festina Peche (Berliner-Weisse Style)

At one point there were over 70 breweries in Germany crafting this style of beer. However, these days not many people continue to perfect its form except for Dogfish Head and Grand Teton Brewing (see below). The folks at Dogfish have crafted a beautiful beer that falls almost into the sour category. While some sour beers can be a hard sell, this beer comes in as the most refreshing sour-ish beer on the market. By fermenting with lactic cultures, the beer’s taste is complex and combines both the citrus flavors of apple and a “delicately hopped” character that finishes strong without being overpowering.

ABV- 4.5%

IBU- 8


Grand Teton- Snarling Badger (Berliner-Weisse)

The second “Berliner-Weisse” beer on this list, Grand Teton Brewing describes this beer as a “north German-style wheat beer.” Snarling Badger is brewed with a light body that compliments the lemony tartness that makes Weisse beers such a summer favorite. (Available July 1st)

ABV- 7.5%

IBU- 15

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