Dear Aspen residents, "there’s not a poop fairy”.

Dear Aspen residents, "there’s not a poop fairy”.


Dear Aspen residents, "there’s not a poop fairy”.


67845061_9c2fc40b48_bImage by Ken Lund

A number of residence are fed up with dog owners not picking up after their dogs. The problem of dog poop on the trails has gotten so bad that local volunteers recently got together to gather more than 100 pounds of excrement off the Smugglers Mountain trail. But within a month, authorities say, another 50 piles were left behind by careless dog owners. A report in the Aspen Times says that it seems like things have regressed back five or six years.

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails senior ranger John Armstrong told the paper that, “the most egregious offense, has been users who put their dog’s poop in a plastic bag but leave the bag behind for someone else to dispose of it.” Armstrong goes on to say that, “I don’t know who they figure is going to pick it up, but there’s not a poop fairy. We don’t have slaves that go behind people and clean up after them.”


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