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The Sierra at Tahoe Resort, announced on Sunday that it is closing due to a lack of snow.

This season, Sierra at Tahoe Resort only received one-third of its normal snowfall. General manager John Rice issued a statement saying, “with a heavy heart,” to suspend “winter operations” starting Monday.

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Official Press Release:

It is with a heavy heart we must announce Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort will be suspending winter operations beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16. Conditions around the mountain have deteriorated to the point where we can no longer deliver a product that meets our standards. Although temperatures remain high and the forecast lacks precipitation, we are fully committed to resuming operations if we receive an adequate amount of snow.

We want to sincerely thank our passholders, guests and employees, who continued to bring their best, day in and day out. We are fueled by your smiles, which we had no shortage of, even during these past few days.

After exhausting all possible tools – even with snowmaking at every opportunity and strategic movement of snow, mother nature came up short. Our north-facing location paired with our summer trail maintenance allowed us to remain open since December 12 with 1/3 of our average natural snowfall.

Thank you again, for your continued support of Sierra-at-Tahoe. Snow is not our only asset, as we are composed of an outstanding group of individuals who love this sport, this business and this very mountain. Without your trust and involvement, we would not survive. We can’t wait to provide a place for you to make more great memories with friends and family.

This isn’t goodbye; it’s see you soon.

– John