Powder Alerts Continue in the West | Powderchasers.com

Powder Alerts Continue in the West | Powderchasers.com


Powder Alerts Continue in the West | Powderchasers.com


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From: Powderchasers.com

Powder is flying in the Cascades, Tetons,Wasatch and most of Colorado.  The winners include 27 inches at Stevens Pass,22 inches at Snowbird, and 12-15 at Crystal.  Snow will continue over the Cascades today and move into the Rockies tonight and Monday. I have been at Grand Targhee for the past 2 days where you would swear it was December!

CASCADES:  EPIC ALERT continuesthrough tonight with 4-7 additional before tapering.  Long term looks very wet through much of the upcoming week with rising snow levels (6,000 feet by Wednesday).  High mountain snow and low elevation rain.  That might continue through Thanksgiving !  Heavy snow a sure bet above 2500 meters at Whistler mid week (10-15).   We see a trend for heavy snow for the interior ofBC with colder air towards mid to late week (Could be heavy).  Most colder air stays north in Canada!

ROCKIES:  Next storm moves into Idaho this evening (Northern sections favored), brushes central and southern Montana (4-6), and hits the Tetons and Wasatch after midnight.  This piece is moving fast and will pull a quick 4-6 inches to most locations. The Wasatch might see slightly higher amounts (5-8). Colorado grabs action beginning Monday morning in the north slowly edging south towards the San Juans.  Areas along I-70 in Colorado near Vail Pass will see higher amounts through Monday evening.  Amounts in areas of Colorado favored by NW flow (Northern and central mountains- Vail, Snowmass, Beaver Creek) will see a potential for 5-10.). It will be snowing form the Divide and West in most areas during the day!

LONG TERM?   Upcoming week stays wet in the Northwest (High snow levels, rain at the bases and snow up high) with a trend for more action in northern Idaho, Montana, and as far south as Wyoming. Some colder air is likely over Montana and British Columbia, so decent snow is possible especially by midweek.  Colorado will see light action in the north.  Might see some surprise snow totals by Wednesday in the northern Rockies. Southern sections stay on the cusp (wildcard).

The East Coast will see a significant storm by Thanksgiving!  Rain spreads up the coast Wednesday and turns to snow in the higher valleys by Thursday!  Significant moisture will be falling near the coast and moderate snow a sure bet inland.  Stay tuned.

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