World's First 'Fog-Free' Goggle via KLAIR™ Technology

World's First 'Fog-Free' Goggle via KLAIR™ Technology


World's First 'Fog-Free' Goggle via KLAIR™ Technology


A new kickstarter campaign hopes to bring fog-free goggles to a ski slope near you. Abominable Labs is introducing the F-BOM: the first snow goggle with active anti-fog technology. One button. Zero fog. All day.

No smeared lenses, no fans, no moving parts. The F-BOM is super easy and 100% reliable. Just turn it on, drop in and say goodbye to fog forever.


No matter how many gimmicks like heads up displays and cameras you add to a goggle, there’s no changing the fact that if you can’t see, you can’t ski. Fog in your goggles can ruin your run or even your whole day on the mountain. Abominable founder Dave McCulloch was tired of letting a little bit of moisture have any say over his sessions. He had tried every goggle claiming an “anti-fog” technology–from hydrophobic coatings to electric fans. None of them worked well enough so he set out to solve the problem.

To inventor Jack Cornelius, the answer was clear from the start: get some heat in there, but the trick was how.

Read on to see how our game-changing goggle was born and hit the green Back This Project button to be the first to go fog free.


Once we  decided on the Zeiss lens, this was the sketch that would become the the F-BOM goggle.
Once we decided on the Zeiss lens, this was the sketch that would become the the F-BOM goggle.


The F-BOM is powered by Abominable’s patented KLAIR™ technology. It works like the rear window in your car–but it’s invisible and totally silent. A thin-film transparent heater is placed in between the two-part lens and is powered by a small lithium-ion battery. The heater works to keep the temperature just a bit higher than dew point, which keeps fog away.



You get fog in your goggles when vapor in the air turns to water faster than it can evaporate. Once you can’t see, your session is struggling.


To stop fog, F-BOM sends a current through the lens to heat it up just above dew point. You don’t have to do anything extra, just turn it on and F-BOM does its thing to keep fog away all day.


ACTIVE MODE: Always on to eliminate fog all day. It’s easy, just a long press on and long press off. If you face plant or find yourself super sweaty, quick tap the button again for a power burst. That kicks KLAIR up a notch and in a few minutes any extra fog is gone.

BOOST MODE: On demand to eliminate fog when you need it and save battery. Quick tap the button for about ten minutes of fog-fighting power. F-BOM turns off automatically after the fog is gone. Use it when you need it.


F-BOM pulls off two important things: it looks cool and it packs a ton of technology into a normal-sized goggle. We did this by shrinking the electronics as much as possible and then using the extra space to hide energy-dense rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Everything is weatherproofed and short-circuit protected. It keeps you seeing the way you should.

When it’s time to charge up F-BOM, all you have to do is plug it into the included micro USB cable and charger. Yeah, easy.


F-BOM uses a stunning infinity lens system. The toric-shaped lens give you the most clarity with zero distortions. The F-BOM lens is molded from polycarbonate, has a scratch resistant coating and blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays to protect your eyes. Best of all, our lens is created by ZEISS and has the same world famous lens quality and clarity that is in your camera.

The toric lens blanks are molded, and then cut into the F-BOM shape.


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