Unofficial’s Favorite Hashtags

Unofficial’s Favorite Hashtags


Unofficial’s Favorite Hashtags


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Unofficial’s Favorite Hashtags

by, Barclay Idsal

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1. #morningcommute

You finally got the city folks beat with this one. Your life is truly better than their vacation.

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2. #japow

Go fuck yourself you lucky somabitch.

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3. #powderweek

Nowadays every pro, harebrained ski writer, and barely legal ski rep goes to #powderweek in Jackson Hole. For one week in February, every secret is revealed… @granitecanyon #powderweek! Keep your secrets and tell those washed up ski bum wanna be’s to go back to San Clemente.

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4. #ladyshred

I have nothing but love for this hasgtag. Chicks are finally breaking through barriers and progressing (I have no idea what they are talking about). Basically, @sierraquititquit is so hot right now.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 6.46.58 PM

5. #skiboss

@tannerhall420 does what he wants. That means going to Ferguson, Missouri to report on the state of human affairs. Wow. Amongst other things like ridiculous pillow lines and serving as a civil rights ambassador, the #skiboss is so ridiculous I don’t know what to think… I’m pretty sure I like it.

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