Classic Post: Monster Squaw Valley Cliff Drop From 2012

Classic Post: Monster Squaw Valley Cliff Drop From 2012


Classic Post: Monster Squaw Valley Cliff Drop From 2012


Post From April 30, 2012: On Friday morning, the end was near. Only three more days of Squaw operations teetered on the the brink of summer oblivion. This daunting fact was heavily shouldered by all. 1 inch of fresh snow and the Chimney being open left a dangerous worm hole in time open to the truly freaked out Squaw aficionado.

Center Line Worm Hole. Chimney. Squaw Valley.

None felt allure of that worm hole more than Dan. He knew that if he jumped into that worm hole, also known as Center Line, he could warp time and make the season longer and more powerful…or potentially shorter and more painful. That’s the perilous affliction worm holes subscribe to; you really cannot know just by looking into them which direction in time they’ll take you.

stepping into the worm hole

Dan entered the worm hole. A solid 50 foot, high speed air slowed time and space down significantly. The distance traveled, combined with the air resistance of traveling at high velocity thru space time raised his ski tips up and sent him backseat just enough to catapult him out of the worm hole and back to reality. Two high speed tomahawks with solid 20+ foot gaps between touchdowns left Dan back at Squaw Valley. Mission complete.

Riding the worm hole with possible discovery of the “Gravitron” or “Higgs Boson Particle”

Was the mission successful? No doubt. Dan traveled thru space time, lengthened his season, and gave himself something to remember forever. That was certainly the biggest air taken at Squaw Valley in 2011/12.

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