Who wants to buy a ski resort?

Who wants to buy a ski resort?


Who wants to buy a ski resort?


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Mount Baldy, a small ski resort located in British Columbia, Canada, is up for sale. 

According to a news release, G-Force Real Estate Inc. has been appointed marketing agent for a secured creditor of Mount Baldy, under a B.C. Supreme Court foreclosure action. Mount Baldy’s Idaho owners tried to raise cash to open the ski area last season, but failed.

G-Force Real Estate Inc. is looking for a new owner to take most of the assets of Mount Baldy Ski Corporation and complete a purchase in time to open the resort for the upcoming ski season.

Mount Baldy is just one of a number of ski resorts that has have fallen on hard times in the past few season.

There has been no official word on the purchase price. 604019_trailmap (1)

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