Built-in Snowboard Brake | Thoughts?

Built-in Snowboard Brake | Thoughts?


Built-in Snowboard Brake | Thoughts?


New built-in snowboard brake system from Border Knotrol



Boarder Kontrol snowboard silences the critics when tested.

There seems to be healthy debate regarding this revolutionary snowboard teaching method. Some competent boarders seem offended by it. One must note that Boarder Kontrol Snow is for ABSOLUTE beginners and is only for use in the beginner’s area.

The popular Australian resort Thredbo is run by an experienced and professional business team, has over 400,000 riders a season and operates a Snowsports school of over 250 instructors. Thredbo has involved itself with the Boarder Kontrol product as they are acutely aware of the need to attract new snowboarders to the sport. They have been involved in Boarder Kontrol product development and testing and are certain that this product will add greatly to Thredbo’s ability to attract new snowboarders.

There is more to Boarder Kontrol than meets the eye. Boarder Kontrol forces the discipline of a trailing hand. For years before, particularly when teaching surfboard riders, instructors would make beginner’s hold their pants at the back leg to prevent beginner’s shoulders from spinning the board out of control.

Engaging the leash also naturally puts the beginner’s weight over the front foot, disciplining the beginner into the correct body position. The most common habit of beginners is to lean back into the mountain to seek security. They then pick up speed and never get themselves into a position where they can effectively execute a turn. Add the ability for a beginner to control their speed, and the beginner is now miles in front.

When the time comes to attempt that 1st turn, the commitment woes and fear of that little whip of speed are put to rest. BK allows the rider to control their speed coming into the turn, gives them an “out” if they want to abort half-way through the turn without falling over, and then allows them to control their speed as they pick up speed coming out of the turn. Normally beginners lean back again or fall 10 to 200 hundred times, depending on the ability level, before they conquer turning. Or in many cases, they just give it away.

The beginner can then be gradually weaned away from the leash as they progress.

Boarder Kontrol takes the the beginner to ‘heel-side and toe-side’ turn level without all the anguish.

Boarder Kontrol has the potential to decrease dropouts, attract female and younger participants, keep family groups together and even widen the market to the risk averse.

It is truly a phenomenon!



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