Who Will Host the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Who Will Host the 2022 Winter Olympics?


Who Will Host the 2022 Winter Olympics?


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The Polish city of Krakow has formally withdrew it’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The news comes after a public referendum in which only 30% of voters supported plans to host the games. Krakow follows follows Stockholm and Munich in city that have said no to hosting the 2022 Games.

There are still four cities in the running: Oslo (Norway), Lviv (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Beijing (China).

It is still unclear who will host the 2022Winter Olympic Games but cites are dropping out fast. Do to internal unrest and the threat of farther Russian invasion lets assume Lviv, Ukraine will also soon be out of the Olympic bidding process. In Norway, political and public sentiment is turning on the idea of hosting the games so you can all but rule them out.

That leaves you with only two real contenders to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Beijing (China).

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