Dartmouth..The Best College for Professional Ski Bums? Watch this trailer, then you decide!!

Dartmouth..The Best College for Professional Ski Bums? Watch this trailer, then you decide!!


Dartmouth..The Best College for Professional Ski Bums? Watch this trailer, then you decide!!


Dartmouth’s Passion for Snow, a documentary to be released in the fall of 2012, explores the incredible contributions Dartmouth skiers have made to the sport and the snow sports industry at large.  Clearly, if a life in skiing is your goal, tucking a diploma from Big Green will open some doors.

Watch the full trailer, it’s full of interesting Dartmouth skiing data.  For those stretched for time…

Skip to 2:56 / 3:18   to hear Newc Eldredge 55′ 10th Mountain Division Stud talk about skiing with a 90 lb rucksack and the possibility of “gutting the enemy with the cold steel of a bayonet”  

Skip to 4:17  to view a real skiers slalom course

Skip to 6:47  to see perhaps the first slow motion front into Corbetts caught on film

Ski areas founded / managed by Dartmouth Grads:

Sun Valley, Aspen, Vail, Keystone, Telluride, Copper Mountain, Sunday River, Wildcat, Shawnee Peak, The Loaf, Killington, Waterville Valley, Alta and Alyeska


Dartmouth skiers routinely crush their competition having racked up over 250 individual collegiate, national and international champions.  Influential Dartmouth skiers include:

Dick Durrance  17 time national champion.  Instrumental in bringing the 1950 World Championships to Aspen which put Aspen on the map as a destination for skiers from across the globe.

Dick Durrance laying it down


Brooks Dodge  An early pioneer in the free skiing movement, Brooks convinced CMS founder Hans Gmoser that flying skiers to untracked powder was a good idea.  Next time you get dropped off at the top of a peak in a heli (hopefully soon), give Brooks a nod!

1960’s Heli Drop


Ralph Miller  First to ski over 100 miles per hour.  Ralph accomplished this feat in 1955, I repeat 1955!!!  Imagine the gear he was on when this went down.

Ralph Miller staring at 100 MPH


Andrew Weibrecht  Vancouver Olympic Super G Broze medalist, currently enrolled at Dartmouth.

Next gate please!


Hannah Kierney 15′  Got her start at the Dartmouth Ski Way, Big Green’s home hill, and went on to win gold in moguls at the 2010 Olympics.

green and GOLD


Charlotte Moats  Dartmouth Grad, Globetrotting Freeskier who can claim numerous AK first descents and first rate movie appearances.  Now a Wharton B school attendee who is still way better than you!

Charlotte Moats, way better than you!


Dartmouth and the 10th Mountain Division

Over 120 students and faculty from Dartmouth enlisted as part of 10th Mountain Division in the run up to World War II.  Activated in 1943, the 10th Mountain Division fought in the mountains of Italy in some of the roughest terrain in the country.  These guys were bad ass…

10th Mountain Statue at Stowe Mountain Resort


Looking forward to the full release of this documentary.  Amazing what passionate skiers from an Ivy League school can accomplish!!



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