Skier Killed By Avalanche in Utah

Skier Killed By Avalanche in Utah


Skier Killed By Avalanche in Utah


On March 7th two brothers were climbing a steep hill when it avalanched. The slide caught, carried and buried one of the brothers. Despite having rescue gear it was to late.

“Ryan A. Noorda and his brother Kevin are out for a day [last Friday] of riding. Late in the afternoon, they’re headed back to their RV at the Bear River Trailhead and decide to play around on a popular slope in Gold Hill Basin. At approx 17:15 Ryan climbs a north facing slope and triggers a slide which breaks well above him as he’s low on the slope. He’s caught, carried, and consequently buried several feet deep on a benched terrain feature where the bulk of the debris stacks up. Kevin begins a beacon search, locates his brother, and begins CPR. About 20 minutes elapse when Kevin flags down a local rider and his son who assist in the rescue and notify local SAR. CPR continues for an additional 20 more minutes. While heroic efforts are made to save Ryan’s life, medical crews pronounce him dead at the scene.” – Utah Avalanche Center

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Avalanche Details:

Depth:  4 ft

Width:  200 ft

Length:  200 ft

Time:  5pm on Friday

Location:  Gold Hill, Northern Utah

Elevation:  10,200ft

Slope Angle:  39 degrees

Triggered by Victim

Avalanche Type:  Hard Slab

Weak Layer:  Depth Hoar

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