Snow Still On Track For The Sierra & Rockies

Snow Still On Track For The Sierra & Rockies


Snow Still On Track For The Sierra & Rockies


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Almost 7 inches has fallen thus far at Kirkwood as heavy snow will continue through the day.  Moisture will increase in the Wasatch this afternoon through evening bringing a quick blast of 4-8 inches of dense snow. Density will decrease somewhat this evening (2-4 lighter- 6,000 foot snow level).  Majority of snow falls from 2PM to 10PM.

Colorado will see moderate snowfall this evening into Friday AM. This will  impact a broad range of mountain zones from the 4 corners to Breckenridge. Expect SW flow initially followed by Westerly flow (Good for I-70 and Summit County).  General amounts will range from 5-8 inches. Very little snow will fall at lower elevations or the mountain Valley.

The long term picture looks very deep in many spots. Heavy snow will break out over the Sierraagain on Friday and reach the 4 corners (AZ, UT, CO, NM) late Friday night.  Arizona Snow Bowl will see snow late Friday evening.  Snow will intensify over all southern mountains (Wolf Creek, Silverton, Crested Butte, Durango, Taos) during the morning Saturday (7-11 inches by 10 AM). Another 5-9 inches is likely by Saturday evening!   The Wasatch will reap rewards during Saturday morning (4-8) with colder air enhancing amounts by PM (Another 3-5).  Southerly flow might do best with Sundance, Park City, Deer Valley.    The Tetons will receive light to moderate snowfall from Friday night through Sunday.  I don’t see any single deep event but long term sum will be 6-12 in most areas of Wyoming (NOAA is calling for 2-3 feet).

Snow will intensify over I-70 in Colorado during the late morning on Saturday as winds shift to the West.  This will provide better chances of moderate snow for Beaver Creek, Summit County.  Late Saturday or early Sunday might be your chase bet.

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